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Cameron Dee Just Wants a Taste
  • On the short drive to the delivery; which just happened to be at the same freshman dorm she lived in herself; the message tone on his cell went off. As he took the cash and pushed the pizza box at the customer, Cameron Dee whipped off his standard comment of "Be careful's hot on the bottom." He inhaled deep as he shamelessly let the towel drop to the floor as he used both hands to take the box holding the hot pie. At least five inches of thick, soft cock was swinging between his legs as she sat the pizza on the desk next to the bed. After all the hours of fantazising, she ouldn't help but stare and wonder what it looked like hard. It also made her very nervous as he thought about whether he could say no if this went much further. "Nothing wrong with a hot bottom," was the line that came from Cameron as he stepped closer to and winked. He gasped in lust as a hand found his full crotch and squeezed gently. "And I've heard you are the hottest thing in a pizza hat on campus." As e entered me, I asked him to record it all, and we ended up having the hottest sausage sex tape on Campus, as he entered me over and over, and I pleasured his needs.

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Bailey Blue Brings Home a Big One
  • It was raining really hard,so I invited my pizza boy in. I walked over to the couch and sat down with one foot on the floor and the other on the couch smiling at her. She began walking towards me and slipped her T-shirt up over her head. She was wearing a white bra which she UN-clipped and let fall to the floor revealing her firm perky breasts, than she undid her jeans showing matching white panties letting them fall to the floor also as she stepped out of them and came closer. She stood in front of me hooked her fingers into her pants and slipped them off revealing a neatly shaved pussy. I knew Bailey blue was looking for something more than a good tip. I took her hand and guided her to the couch next to me and kissed her softly. I moved her hand to my breasts one again as my own hands started caressing her still kissing letting my tongue slide between her lips. My hand slipped down between her legs and caressed her soft pussy and she moaned. As my finger slid between her wet pink lips I started kissing her neck and working my way to her breasts letting my tongue circle her nipples before suckling on them. She took the pizza and placed on my dick, as she started to do a nasty blowjob on me, and she then sat on my dick for a sweaty session of sausage pizza sex.

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Ash Hollywood is Horny for the Hotdog
  • When the doorbell rang I did a quick check to make sure everything was in place than I opened the door. To my surprise there was a girl standing there holding my pizza. She looked to be in her early to mid 20's wearing tight jeans, her Pizza delivery T-shirt with her brown hair in a pony tail under her pizza hat. "Here's your Pizza the total is $16." she quickly looked me up and down. "Thank you could you place it on the kitchen table for me please? I was in the middle of getting dressed." "Sure no problem." She walked in and placed the pizza on the table then turned back towards me. I turned with my back to her and bent at the waist to get the money knowing I was going to flash her bare dick. He felt her stirring as he teased her clit with the tip of his tongue. As he dragged his tongue up and down her slit he reached up and rolled one of her nipple between his thumb and finger. He could tell she was awake, but she was trying to lie still and enjoy this! He kept the touch of his tongue and fingers light, wanting to make this last as long as possible. He felt her legs stiffen, felt her take the deep breath and hold it, and then she flooded his mouth with her cum! He swallowed her hot juice, sucked, and probed her wet cunt with his tongue! I thought to myself that I wouldn't mind having some sweet young pussy for desert. I turned back towards her smiling. I surprised her withb a big hot sausage pizza and Ash Hollywood became my dinner that night.

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Carly Parker
Pizza Porn
New home owner? No good food in the frig yet? Husband out of town? She said yes, yes, yes... Now its big sausage time! She can't find the cash and we can't find any dishes, now what? This bleach blonde big titty bimbo said WTF...
Monroe Valentino
Pizza Porn
Monroe was one hot MILF that answered the door with practically nothing on! She ordered four pizzas, but made sure one of them was a Big Sausage Pizza, so we knew exactly what to do. Seems like she did too, cause she gave us...

Sara Stone
Pizza Porn
Sara called to order a large pizza, but since she's a vegetarian she wanted to make sure there was no meat in or near her pizza. This hot college cheerleader couldn't resist the big sausage and was willing to make an...
Diamond Foxxx
Pizza Porn
We went to deliver our next Big Sausage special and when Diamond Foxxx answered the door, we knew we had the best route! Her massive tits were practically falling out of her dress! This slutty customer had no idea what sh...

Jenna Presley
Pizza Porn
Jenna Presley is hands down, one of our best customers! She called up and ordered the Big Sausage with authority. We delivered exactly what she asked for, the whore espcial! Hot horny sluts like Jenna are the reason we keep...
Kacey Jordan
Pizza Porn
Kacey Jordan was driving along the desert highway one day when she got really hungry. She drove past the Big Sausage Pizza sign and just had to stop and get some. Little did she know that our local pizza chef had his special ...

Whitney Stevens
Pizza Porn
Whitney is one fucking smoking hot chick! We showed up on her doorstep to deliver her Big Sausage Pizza and unfortunately she couldn't find her wallet. She wanted to see the pizza but she freaked out at the sight of the huge meat...
Richelle Ryan
Pizza Porn
When we showed up at Richelle's she was really hungry but she couldn't find her money. We had to work something out so she could get her pizza of course. When she opened the box, she was expecting a vegetarian pizza...

Persia Pele
Pizza Porn
Persia Pele ordered a special Big Sausage Pizza and she wanted it fast! When we got to her place, Persia was so hungry for sausage that she immediately opened the box and put the whole thing in her mouth! This slutty sausage...
Megan Jones
Pizza Porn
We got a little lost on our way to our next delivery and we showed up an hour and a half late. The customer, Megan Jones was not happy, but she was willing to take the pizza for a discount. Megan couldn't find any cash but we...

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